New Blend Fun!

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✨happy Friday, sweet souls💋

Mixing up yummy brews + enchanting blends to add some love and herbal magick into your daily routines🧚🏽‍♀️ .

New goodies have been added to my botanica: .
Cacao + Rose Drink Mix🌹 .

New Gemini Moon Oil♊️ .

Rose + Honeysuckle Goddess Oil🌹

Along with wands, salt blends, sleep aids, healing stones, loose burn blends, and plenty more at Use the coupon NEWMOON to save money + snag goodies for yourself and loved ones🌚 .

Utilize the ancient power of plant magick to aid in your spiritual journey, as well as enhancing your daily life. I am all about intentions - when I’m working on healing my heart chakra, I’ll reach for my specific Chakra Oil or Mist that aids my work. When I break out, I reach for my Honeysuckle scrub that also aids in invoking love - perfect for when I’m feeling stressed about my blemishes. I craft all of my goodies with multiple uses and intentions based on their healing + magickal properties - you can see my Intentions Chart on my site🌿

When you become aware of what you put on and inside your body, you also will realize how it affects your mental, emotional, + spiritual health. So treat yourself to intentional skincare + products that have been crafted with healing, love, and all natural ingredients to ensure a beautiful you - inside and out💞

Stay healthy + magickal, beautiful beings✨

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