New Mini Protect + Prosper Fixed Candles

✨happy Wednesday, sweet souls🧚🏽‍♀️

A lotttt of you said you wanted to see more kitchen magick + I am all too happy to oblige! I’ll be sharing more fun info here and on my well as my Daily Magick Ebook that will be released in September🍁

These lovely mini fixed candles are smaller than my usual offerings, but I felt drawn to them + now I’m in love with them🕯

Packed with prosperous + protective energies, these lil powerhouses are crafted with Cinnamon, Fig, Honeysuckle, Wormwood, and more topped with a Smoky Quartz crystal + sealed with orange wax — available in my shoppe at💫

Cinnamon is one of my forever favorite spices since I was a child - it’s one that I use all year round, not just for fall (my feybies know this)😝

It’s packed with not only spiritually protective energy, but it’s also an excellent antibacterial with great anti-inflammatory properties as well - aiding in healing🧿

It aids in raising spiritual vibrations when burned or used as anointing oil + attracts money. I love adding cinnamon to my baked goods or using cinnamon sticks to stir my tea - clockwise to attract abundance, healing, + protection☕️

Cinnamon sticks have long been used as natural decor - wreaths are crafted + adorned to hang, wrapped around candles, ornaments, and more! I have a Besom I made years ago for my home and it’s main feature is a huge #cinnamonstick 🥰

You’ll be seeing more cinnamon goodness coming along soon! For now, you can peep my offerings in my botanica. Be sure to subscribe with your email to get updates + special discounts for my 8/18 Shoppe Update🌿

Stay healthy + magickal✨

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