Step into your Confidence

Posted by Christina Jacome on

happy Tuesday, sweet souls🧚🏽‍♀️


sending an abundance of healing, loving, protective, + purifying energy to those who are open to receiving🔥


seriously obsessed with my orange + lemon stars + I just couldn’t wait any longer to share them with you🌟

I crafted a bunch of different burn bouquets with clove studded orange stars (my take on the typical orange slices you see) rosemary, juniper, + cedar to welcome the holiday season with fresh energy🍊


today is a good day to remind yourself, “I am within my power. I control my happiness + I choose to focus on myself so I can thrive and transform. My confidence knows no limits + I release all self-limiting beliefs I or others have placed upon me. I step fully into my power, aware of the magick that has always been brimming inside of me. I move with grace + ease, knowing that my guides surround + aid in my healing process. I will continue on my path, moving towards my desires, + conquering obstacles with the innate strength I have.” 💥


tap into your creative side + let loose with music, art, dancing, cooking, self care - whatever makes you feel good! it aids in keeping your energy fresh + flowing through your chakras. make + keep promises to yourself to strengthen your root🌱


all my love + a wish for you to stay ever so magickal


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