Alligator Tooth + Snake Skin Vials

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These lovely lil curios are perfect to keep anywhere in your sacred space! They offer very grounding, protective, + primal energies.

Each vial contains Spanish Moss, Boa Snake Skin, Alligator Tooth, + Black Tourmaline sealed with Wax + topped with a sprig of Rosemary.


Alligators have many symbolic meanings throughout history: the most repetitive theme being that they are guardians of treasure, hidden wisdom/knowledge, while being seen as totems of fertility + power.

Alligators are creatures that inhabit the water and the land, patrolling the waters and shores that separate land from water - birth and death. They have the primal energies of creation + destruction.

Alligator or crocodile encounters were seen as a sign that there is a chance to develop new wisdom..wisdom that can swallow you up if not careful. There’s going to be an opportunity for strong birth, whether physically or a creation of project/initiation that will open new windows of knowledge and wisdom in certain areas of your life. This would be the time to ground yourself + seek out primal energy.




Snakes have long been symbols of healing, transformation, + rebirth. Also seen as symbols for sexual / creative life force within humans (kundalini energy).

Snakes shed their skin as it outgrows the old, similar to death and rebirth. Their eyes cloud over before they begin to shed, giving them a trancelike appearance - similar to crossing between the realms of the living + dead.

When you encounter the snake, it means a transition will occur quickly in your life + there is an opportunity for healing and transformation. They also can reflect that your own creative + spiritual forces are awakening. Snakes strike quickly and with precision - meaning that the changes needed in your life will shift sooner than you think.


Black Tourmaline is extremely grounding + protective. Connecting to the Earth and healing your Root Chakra by strengthening your primal energy bonds.

Much love!