Space Cleanse Gift Set: Aura Mist + More

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This Gift Set is perfect for anytime! You can choose to give simply out of love - perfect for a daily cleanse, housewarming, event present, thank you - whatever you choose! 

Each set comes with the below: 

•Violet + Dragon’s Blood Aura Mist - to spray yourself or space to invoke protection + love, as well as purify your space.

•Rosemary Smoke Wand - to burn in your space to purify, protect, + connect with plant spirits/ancestors. 

•Jasmine + Eucalyptus Candle - to invoke love, stimulate awareness, + offer cleansing energy. 

•Mal de Ojo talisman - blue glass eye to ward off evil spirits.

•Selenite wand - to cleanse your aura, space, + spiritual tools, aiding in Crown Chakra connection.

•Blessings Vial - to place in your space to promote positivity + balance / ward off bad juju. 

•Shell - to bring in flowing energy of water element + Inspire continual transformation. 

each set comes in a pretty bag. Much love!