Apple, Clove, + Orange Botanical Torch

Apple, Clove, + Orange Botanical Torch

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I have lovingly crafted these thick Botanical Torches with harmonious + protective intentions to invoke the love within, drawing peace, attract abundance + healing, + raise spiritual vibrations. 

Herbal Torches (also known as Witch Torches + Hag Torches) are dried herbs dipped in beeswax + typically used to celebrate special occasions - but everyday we are alive to use our magick is a special occasion (in my opinion).

An end of summer, start of fall delight of dried Daisy bunches - dipped in Apple, Cranberry, Clove, Orange + Vanilla beeswax - sealed with a orange/red wax for sacral + root chakra healing.

each listing is for 1 torch.
*note: when burned- the wax drips, please be cautious*


Open a window or door, turn on your fans, + light up. Start at the top of your head + guide the smoke all the way to your feet, forcing bad energy out of your aura. Visit each room of your space and allow the smoke to linger.

Please burn safely in an appropriate ashtray, soapstone bowl, Abalone Shell, etc. 

Much love! 

(For a detailed quick guide on how to cleanse your space - check out my EBook)!