Bay + Palo Santo Soap

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Bay Leaf + Palo Santo Soap is a perfect spicy, woodsy scent to refresh your skin + spirit! 

 Bay, Clove, Ginger + Sweet Orange cleanse + clarify skin, while uplifting + grounding your spirit.
Frankincense + Palo Santo open pores + heal skin, while protecting + balancing your spirit.

Perfect for daily use + prosperity spiritual work. 

Turmeric aids in healing + toning skin. Raw Butter is added for extra nourishment, while Himalayan Salt provides detoxifying exfoliation. Bentonite Clay absorb impurities, while Activated Coconut Charcoal removes toxins from your pores.

Crafted with Pink Himalayan Salt, Organic Turmeric, Raw Shea + Hemp Butters, Bentonite Clay, Castile, Activated Charcoal, Organic Bay Leaf, Clove, Ginger, + Palo Santo infused Organic Coconut + Sunflower Oils, Candelilla Wax, & Pure Essential Oil Blend: Frankincense + Sweet Orange (4oz)

Much love!