Chamomile + Rosemary Facial Serum

Chamomile + Rosemary Facial Serum

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Chamomile + Rosemary Facial Serum is specially crafted for oily, combination skin that is gentle yet packed with powerful herbal magick to heal + rejuvenate your beautiful face. 

Chamomile, Sandalwood, + Yarrow gently heals blemishes + calms down inflammation.
Rosemary + Thyme aid in controlling excess oil, toning skin, + is naturally antibacterial - aiding to protect skin against blemishes. 
Moringa, Hazelnut, + Sunflower absorb into skin beautifully while adding rejuvenating benefits.

apply to cleansed face with gentle, circular motions to attract an abundance of healing, loving, + protective energy. 

crafted with Moon charged Rose 

Much love!