Defense Against Dark Arts

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Defense Against Dark Arts is just that - a powerful herbal + spice blend that provides defense and protection against negative entities/energy.
Anoint the back of mirrors + entry points in your home to keep bad juju from entering your space. Perfect for daily use + spiritual work.

Crafted with Moon charged Obsidian + Quartz, Organic Cinnamon, Clove, Cypress, Juniper Berry, Pine, + Vervain infused Organic Sunflower Oil, Pure Dragon’s Blood Oil, + Pure Frankincense Essential Oil.

There are many ways to utilize my herbal oils:

•Adorn + anoint your hair/body for celebration + mental/skin care nourishment.

•Charge + pamper a bath soak.

•Use for candle magick and other spiritual work.

•Anoint crystals, jewelry, candles, petitions, + other sacred space items.


Much love!