Palo Santo + Sandalwood Oil

Palo Santo + Sandalwood Oil

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My Palo Santo + Sandalwood Oil is crafted with arboreal notes of Birch, Cedar, Fir, Pine, Palo Santo, Strawflower, Spruce, + Sandalwood.

These powerful plant allies come together to provide an abundance of clarifying, grounding, healing, prosperous, protective energy, + purifying energy.

the plant spirits come forth to make you feel as though you stepped into a clearing filled with the ancient trees..
their roots connecting deep into the earth providing stability..
their marked trunks denoting wisdom gained over time..
their branches + leaves spreading towards the skies to bridge the gap between the physical realm + the spiritual realm.

This Oil is especially helpful as the wheel of the year continues to approach the autumn + yule seasons - providing stabilizing, uplifting, + illuminating benefits.

all my love + a wish for you to stay ever so magickal!