Hibiscus + Spearmint Loose Herbal Tea

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This blend of loose herbal tea has been crafted to aid in Heart + Solar Plexus Chakra healing + balancing throughout your body. A yummy, slightly floral loose tea that turns a deep pink + aids in uplifting your spirit and settling your tummy. 
The health of the etheric bodies + chakras controls the health of your physical body, emotions, and mind.

Crafted with Organic Bergamot, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Hibiscus, Orange, Spearmint, Rose, + Vanilla.

Comes in a 2oz tin. Use 1tsp per cup of water, or as strong as you desire.
I love to add Agave and a pinch of extra Cinnamon for extra sweetness + abundance (Root Chakra), but you can sweeten as you'd like.

Much love!