Imperial Jasper, Amethyst, & Rose Quartz Bracelets

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Imperial Jasper, Amethyst & Rose Quartz gemstone bracelets are the perfect addition to your adornment collection! They bring forth peaceful, warm, & loving energy - aiding in Crown and Heart Chakra Healing.

Amethyst is believed to have healing properties that protect the bearer against negative energies / aiding in detoxifying efforts. Some believe that the stone’s calming properties produce soothing dreams by making us more in tune with the divine.
The stone also brings clarity and peacefulness to the waking mind, as they help the mind flow freely in both the mental and metaphysical dimensions.

Rose Quartz meaning is one of unconditional love. The way it facilitates love entering your life is through it’s ability to bring your consciousness to a higher level. 
Rose quartz properties provide gentle energy that aid in recognizing your own need for compassion. It allows you to see that you deserve forgiveness and understanding from yourself.
It helps to balance and heal the Heart Chakra, and has been used in ceremonies & rituals for love since ancient times.

Imperial Jasper

much love!