Jasmine + Gardenia Aura Oil

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This beautiful blend of Jasmine, Gardenia, Hibiscus, + Lemon is packed with amazing spring energy! 

This Aura Oil uplifts your spirit, heals your heart chakra, invokes purification, renewal, + love. 

Crafted with Moon charged Bloodstone + Rose Quartz, Organic Gardenia, Hibiscus, Jasmine, + Lemon Peel infused Organic Sunflower Oil. 


Utilize for the perfect boost to your love spell, enhance your own feelings of self love, & provide an intoxicating scent for massage or sensual bath.


There are many ways to utilize my enchanted oils.

-Use the oil on correlating chakras and pulse points to provide balance, protect spirit, and amplify inner power.

-Adorn your hair (crown chakra) for protection, illumination, and nourishment.

-Charge and pamper a spiritual bath soak, strengthening the healing cleanse.

-Anoint and dress candles for a boost of extra magick.

-Anoint crystals, stones, wands, runes, and additional spiritual tools to amplify their energies.

-Anoint jewelry to cleanse, bless, and protect for daily wear.

Much love!