Light of Yule Oil

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Light of Yule Oil is crafted to aid in uplifting your spirit, gently soothing your soul, invoking protective love with the herbal power of Bergamot, Calendula, Spruce, Sweet Orange, + Vanilla - perfect for bringing the light into the darkness of winter.

This oil is special to me.. I crafted it with the tale of the Raven (one of my favorite birds) and Yule lights in mind.
(to read a little more, please check out my blog post -here- for a bit of magickal lore)


Crafted with Organic Bergamot, Calendula, Pine, Spruce, Star Anise, Sweet Orange infused Organic Sunflower Oil, Natural Gold Mica, + Pure Vanilla Essential Oil.

There are many ways to utilize my herbal oils:

•Adorn + anoint your hair/body for celebration + mental/skin care nourishment.
•Charge + pamper a bath soak.
•Use for candle magick and other spiritual work.
•Anoint crystals, jewelry, candles, and other sacred space items.

Much love!