Sacred Fire | Loose Herbs

Sacred Fire | Loose Herbs

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This lovely aromatic blend of herbs and flowers is packed with healing plant medicine - cleansing your space while soothing your spirit.
You can burn loosely to purify your space, add to a bonfire, add to a spiritual bath, add to oils for dressed candles, and other spiritual work. 

Mugwort is known for stimulating psychic abilities, prophetic dreams, while Juniper + Thyme are purifying + protective. Lavender + Yarrow provide peace + soothes your spirit. Cedar is grounding + attracts abundance. 

Palo Santo promotes good luck & removes negativity, while Garden Sage banishes bad vibes & stagnant energy, and provides balance. Wormwood develops psychic ability, offers protection, + attracts love.

Eucalyptus is extremely protective + aids in maintaining good health, Rose raises your spiritual vibrations + invokes love, while Rosemary is cleansing + purifying.

Chamomile, Cedar, Eucalyptus, Juniper, Lavender, Garden Sage, Thyme, Mugwort, Palo Santo, Rose, Rosemary, + Wormwood.


much love! 


Open a window or door, turn on your fans, + light up. Start at the top of your head + guide the smoke all the way to your feet, forcing bad energy out of your aura. Visit each room of your space and allow the smoke to linger.

Please burn safely in an appropriate ashtray, cauldron, soapstone bowl, Abalone Shell, etc. 

Much love! 

(For a detailed quick guide on how to cleanse your space - check out my EBook)!