Nag Champa + Rose Aura Cleanse Mist

Nag Champa + Rose Aura Cleanse Mist

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Nag Champa, Rose, + Sandalwood Aura Mist is a delightfully clean, fresh, + mystical scent. 
Nag Champa is an earthy yet sweet scent that aids in providing a calming effect that is great for meditation, easing stress and anxiety offering amazing aromatherapy benefits. It aids in focusing the mind while soothing your nerves, so it’s great to use before work, school, studying, & more.

Rose raises spiritual vibrations + invokes love / peace. Sandalwood stimulates the Crown + Third Eye Chakras, activating awareness, + aiding in meditation. 

Great to spray as a daily perfume, room spray, before meditation or spiritual work, in the car, remove pet odor, etc!

Perfect smoke-free alternative for those with respiratory issues, asthma, babies/pets, smoke sensitivities.
Much love!