Natal/Birth Chart Readings

Natal/Birth Chart Readings

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 A birth (natal) chart is the arrangement of the stars, astral bodies, and planets at the exact same time and location you were born. It aids in providing clarity to aid you along your soul path and find your purpose.

Most people are aware of their main zodiac sign (Sun sign), and some are knowledgeable about their Moon and Rising Signs. I will review your chart and include descriptions of how these signs, along with the others within your placement can affect your everyday life - explaining facets of your personality, desires, outward expression, and motivations.

I will send an email copy of your custom birth chart (summarized in an easy to read format), a photo of your chart, along with my notes.

After your purchase, please send me an email to including your birth date, time, and place.

Please allow 1-2 days to be sent.

Much love!