Nueva Luz | New Light Oil

Nueva Luz | New Light Oil

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Let us kick off 2021 with a new mindset - this oil was crafted to actively aid in heart healing, stimulate your third eye, provide protective energy, + raise your spiritual vibration to aid in spiritual (healing and shadow energy) work with January’s approaching energy.

My Nueva Luz (New Light) Oil is an enchanted blend of Angelica, Birch, Calendula, Carnation, Jasmine, Primrose, Rue, Rose, Vervain, + more powerful plant allies to help you to stay on course with your healing work.

This month is all about new starts + resolutions - you owe it to yourself to try something new to get to the next level of your life. Guard your energy against those who drain you (emotionally, financially, physically). Don’t let your anxiety get the best of you and prepare yourself by taking time to keep yourself centered. Bridges collapse when shortcuts are taken, don’t be your own downfall this year.

Let this Oil serve as a tool to amplify your inner power - dab onto pulse points, top of crown, + third eye.

There are many ways to utilize my herbal oils:

•Adorn + anoint your hair/body for celebration + mental/skin care nourishment.
•Charge + pamper a bath soak.
•Use for candle magick and other spiritual work.
•Anoint crystals, petitions, jewelry, candles, and other sacred space items.

Much love!