On The Go Magick Tin | Travel Kit

On The Go Magick Tin | Travel Kit

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These adorable tins are On The Go Magick kits! Perfect to keep in your bag, car, work - to take traveling or anywhere with you that you’d like to cleanse your space + aura. 

Each tin comes with the below 11 items + has a special affirmation printed on the inside of your tin. A perfect starter set or gift to treat a loved one or yourself! 
The tin itself simply has the words On The Go printed on the front to remain discreet about your magick if desired. 

•Vial of Pink Salt - purification + protection.
•Nutmeg - to crush + burn / leave as is for luck + prosperity.
•Myrhh incense cone - purification.
•Bay Leaf - to add strength / write intentions on + burn.
•Putka Pod - harmony + abundance.
•Frankincense incense stick - stimulate awareness.
•unscented Black Candle - program intentions + to protect.
•pack of incense matches
•Palo Santo stick - invoke positivity + cleansing.
•loose herbs - invoke love, protection, + cleanse. 
•Selenite wand - purification + energy healing.

•Blessings Oil (Rose, Star Anise, Eucalyptus, + Elder in Organic Sunflower Oil) - to invoke love + protection; stimulate awareness.

much love!