Protective Herbal Hand Salve

Protective Herbal Hand Salve

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This Salve was crafted to heal + empower your special hands and body - nourishing your skin with pure herbal magick to aid in restoring skin after extensive hand washing.
Not only healing your skin, but also providing protection for your spirit and physical self - when interacting with your environment (think of a magickally charged glove).

Perfect to take with you anywhere to keep your hands (and body) protected + nourished at all times!

Crafted with Moon charged Apophyllite + Selenite, Organic Calendula, Cedar, Chamomile, Comfrey, Plantain, + Rosemary infused Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Cocoa + Hemp Butters, + Organic Candelilla Wax.

All salves are 2oz.

Much love!