Rose & Herb Burn Bouquets

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I have lovingly crafted these chunky cuties - Rose & Rosemary Burn Bouquets wrapped with ribbons with intense cleansing, soothing, + protective intentions - providing strength, stimulating your awareness, purifying, + grounding energy. 

A herbal delight of Rosemary, Thyme, Solidago, Gypsy Lace, Daisy, Garden Sage, Fir, + Rose - to provide an abundance of purifying, healing, loving, vibration raising + protective energy for yourself and sacred space.

You can choose to burn to cleanse your sacred space / self, add to a spiritual bath, or leave as is on display with the same intentions.

Open a window or door, turn on your fans, + light up. Start at the top of your head + guide the smoke all the way to your feet, forcing bad energy out of your aura. Visit each room of your space and allow the smoke to linger.

Please burn safely in an appropriate ashtray, soapstone bowl, Abalone Shell, etc. 

Much love! 

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