3 Skincare Trio Sets: Soap, Scrub, + Butter

3 Skincare Trio Sets: Soap, Scrub, + Butter

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Choose your own skin healing bundle that's especially helpful for those with oily or combination skin - while aiding in uplifting/protecting your spirit, healing the heart chakra, + attracting abundance.

Snag your own bundle or for a loved one by selecting which letter you'd like from below - click the names of the products to see their link to page with all of the ingredients listed to ensure everything is perfect!

A. Honeysuckle Soap, Honeysuckle + Turmeric Sugar Scrub, Honeysuckle + Sage Body Butter.

B. Rose + Hibiscus Soap, Rose + Gardenia Sugar Scrub, Rose + Sandalwood Body Butter.

C. Sage + Palo Santo Soap, Cacao + Lemongrass Sugar Scrub, Juniper + Orange Body Butter.

each set is 2oz of moon soap, sugar scrub, + body butter. 
Much love!