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Small Biz Planning 101 EBook

Small Biz Planning 101 EBook

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Hello my dears, I wanted to put together an easy reference to help sort out the process of getting a business structured and getting your name out in the retail world. You feel as though you have a purpose, but not sure how to get started? Don’t worry, all entrepreneurs have been there...

This 11+ page EBook contains tips on how to structure your business, exposure methods, marketing ideas, and 20+ social media post ideas. Research shows that when you invest in knowledge, you’re way more likely to implement it.
How many free guides or online courses have you saved for later and never looked sat again? I encourage you to utilize all free resources you can. This is a compilation of some of the key business requirements that makes it easy to sit down and tend to vs searching the internet with a million searches. 

You can download your copy of my Small Business Ebook as soon as checkout is completed - I will send a copy to the email address provided. 

Much love!

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