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Strength of Sol Oil

Strength of Sol Oil

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Strength of Sol Oil has been crafted to invoke the strength & healing of the sun, uplift spirit, & activate energy centers.

Embrace the revitalizing power of Strength of Sol Intention Oil, designed to invoke the strength & healing energy of the sun. This potent blend harnesses the solar essence to uplift your spirit & infuse your daily practices with vibrant energy. You can utilize in your skincare and ritual use. Each drop is a radiant infusion meant to rejuvenate your soul, promoting vitality & resilience. Whether you seek to enhance your meditation, elevate your rituals, or simply carry the warmth of the sun with you, Strength of Sol Intention Oil is your perfect companion. Let this oil be a beacon of light in your spiritual journey, guiding you towards greater strength, healing, and inner radiance.

Crafted with Moon charged Sunstone, Organic Bergamot, Calendula, Chamomile, Sunflower, & Yarrow infused Organic Rosehip & Sunflower Oil. 


There are many ways to utilize my enchanted oils.

-Use the oil on correlating chakras and pulse points to provide balance, protect spirit, and amplify inner power.

-Adorn your hair (crown chakra) for protection, illumination, and nourishment.

-Charge and pamper a spiritual bath soak, strengthening the healing cleanse.

-Anoint and dress candles for a boost of extra magick.

-Anoint crystals, stones, wands, runes, and additional spiritual tools to amplify their energies.

-Anoint jewelry to cleanse, bless, and protect for daily wear.

Much love! 

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