Summer Solstice Box

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I have lovingly crafted + curated a special Summer Solstice Box packed with natural magick that you can utilize to resonate with the upcoming energy + aid in preparing / enhancing your daily rituals + routines.

The Summer Solstice is on June 20 - only 10 boxes available! 
My Summer Solstice Box contains the below 11 items ($60 retail value):

•Guava + Orange Aura Cleanse Mist - with notes of Jasmine, Citronella, + Lime.

•Jasmine + Lotus Oil - with notes of Heather to invoke awareness.

•Mugwort + Dragon’s Blood Burn Bouquet - with Caspia, Heather, Lavender, Rose, + Yellow Sea Lavender.

•Obsidian Stone - to cleanse + protect aura.

•Guava+ Lime Shell Candle - to attract sweetness + purify.

•Carnelian Shell Rattle - to cleanse space + attune with solstice energy.

•Honeysuckle + Turmeric Shell Soap - to add a pinch of prosperous + protective energy.

•Celestial Brass Burner + pack of Dragon’s Blood Incense Cones - to purify + protect your space.

•1 Herbal Tea Bag - Hibiscus, Green Tea, Cinnamon, Lemon Balm, Sunflower, Ashwaghanda, + Licorice Root.

•Sea Glass - to attune with the powerful, transformative energy of the ocean.

•Solstice Ritual Scroll - a specific ritual that you can tweak as you see fit.


Each box comes with a list of products, ingredients, + their uses.
All Solstice Boxes will be shipped on 6/15 to ensure delivery for 6/20.

Much love!