Summer Solstice Magick Box

Summer Solstice Magick Box

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I have lovingly crafted and curated this special monthly box of natural magick that you can utilize to resonate with the upcoming energy and aid in preparing / enhancing your daily rituals + routines.


This powerful Summer Solstice Box contains: 

•Jasmine + Calendula Oil - with notes of Guava, Orange Blossom, and Yarrow to invoke the strength & healing of the sun, uplift spirit, & activate energy centers.
(can be used for facial, body, aura, dress candles, spiritual tools)

•Golden sheen Obsidian Stone - to cleanse + protect aura.

•3 candles - orange, red, yellow to harness sun’s energy.

•Carnelian Shell Rattle - to cleanse space + attune with solstice energy.

•Coral - to attune with the powerful, protective energy of the ocean.

•vial of Cascarilla + Añil - to be scattered around space prior to cleansing for purification.

•sea sponge - for cleansing & abundance.

•spiral shell - to represent the wheel of the sun and transformative energy.

•Solstice Ritual Scroll - a specific ritual that you can tweak as you see fit.


Each box comes with a special scroll explaining product use + a ritual to welcome the solstice.

Summer Solstice Boxes are being shipped 6/14.
6/13 is the last day to order to ensure timely arrival.

Much love!