Sunflower + Dragon’s Blood Aura Mist

Sunflower + Dragon’s Blood Aura Mist

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Sunflower + Dragon’s Blood Aura Cleanse Mist

This Mist is blended with intense Solstice energy - with extreme protection, purification, + strong healing, wishful energy.

Sunflower offers the strength of the sun towards wishes and manifestations. Rose raises vibrations + invokes love. Sandalwood promotes spiritual awareness + activates chakras. Lime offers healing + cleansing energy, while warding off the evil eye. Dragon’s Blood purifies the air of germs + protects against negativity.

Crafted with Moon charged Citrine + Green Calcite, Organic Rose Water, Organic Sunflower steeped Witch Hazel, Organic Jojoba Oil, Pink Himalayan Salt, Pure Dragon’s Blood Oil, Pure Essential Oil Blend: Lime + Sandalwood

Much love!