Witch of the Waterfall | Oakmoss + Violet Aura Mist

Witch of the Waterfall | Oakmoss + Violet Aura Mist

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The Witch of the Waterfall Mist is crafted with a powerful herbal blend to attract an abundance of success, + aid in amplifying your inner strength, + protecting your spirit through transformation.

Come out of your shell and embrace your inner goddess. Let your power and love flow from you and around you effortlessly. Become aware of the power of water with each creative and destructive wave of energy that ultimately leads to formations. 

Crafted with Moon charged Lapis Lazuli + Obsidian, Organic Bergamot, Cypress, Lemon Balm, Marjoram, Rue, + Spearmint steeped Witch Hazel, Organic Jojoba Oil, Pink Himalayan Salt, Pure Essence Blend: Oakmoss + Violet

Much love!