Home & Business Cleansings

Welcome to my Home & Business Cleansing services, designed to refresh and revitalize the energy in your living and working spaces. My cleansings (also called Limpias) help remove negative energies, promote harmony, and create a balanced environment for you, your family, or your business.

My comprehensive cleanses includes an initial consultation to understand your specific needs, followed by a tailored cleansing process that uses a combination of ancient & modern techniques to purify and uplift the energy in your space.

*Cleansing Services*

•Home Cleansing: Restore peace and harmony to your living space. Whether you’ve just moved in, experienced a stressful period, or simply want to refresh your home’s energy, my home cleansing services can help create a serene and nurturing environment.

•Business Cleansing: Enhance productivity, creativity, and morale in your workplace. Our business cleansings help clear stagnant or negative energies, fostering a more positive and dynamic atmosphere for you and your team.

I’m committed to creating spaces that support well-being & success. My cleansings are customized to address your unique needs, using a blend of smudging, sound healing, & other effective methods to ensure a thorough and lasting purification.

Experience the transformative power of a clean, balanced space. Contact me today to schedule your Home or Business Cleansing & elevate the energy around you.

Email feyherba@yahoo.com.

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