Hello my dears, 
I started this section to help answer Frequently Asked Questions: 
1.  How to use the oils? 

There are many ways to utilize my herbal oils:

  • Adorn + anoint the body for celebration, mental / skin care nourishment.
  • The natural remedies (Head Roller, Hormonal Relief) are specific in application. 
  • Charge + pamper a bath soak.
  • Use to dress candles for enhanced magick and other spiritual work.
  • Anoint / cleanse crystals, jewelry, candles, and other sacred space items.


2. Are the Mists for daily use? Are they perfume or room sprays? 

My Mists are crafted for daily use to pamper your skin + spirit. You can use as a natural perfume on your body, your hair, even add a bit to a bath. 
My Mists are perfect smoke-free alternatives (to herbal smudges) crafted to cleanse + protect your spirit and space. You can spray your sacred area, car, office, dorm room, etc. Perfect for those with respiratory issues or for places where you’re unable to burn. 
3. What are Herbal Cleanse Bouquets? What are their purpose? 

Herbal Cleanse Bouquets (also known as Smudge Sticks) are crafted with herbs chosen for their protective+ properties to aid in clearing your aura / sacred space of negative energy. 
You burn them in your area to banish bad vibes and purify your space. You can also leave unburned in your sacred space with the same intentions. 
I’ll keep adding more of these as they become relevant, please email me if you have any suggestions for this section - feyherba@yahoo.com. 
With much love,