Sacred Ceremonies Coordinator

Welcome to my Sacred Ceremony Coordination service - Mystical Moments, where I help to curate transformative experiences designed to heal and balance the mind, body, and spirit. These ceremonies provide a unique opportunity to reconnect with yourself, loved ones, and the natural world through ancient and contemporary healing practices.

My service includes comprehensive support, from setup to completion, ensuring every detail is taken care of. I provide all the necessary tools and materials, along with guidance to lead you through each ceremony, creating a safe and sacred space for your journey.


-Flora Limpia Ceremony: Experience the healing power of fresh flowers gently brushed over your body to cleanse negative energies, reduce stress, & restore balance. Intentionally chosen, the flowers, herbs, and soothing ritual offers emotional relief and a deep connection to nature.

-Cacao Ceremony: Experience the heart-opening & healing properties of ceremonial-grade cacao in a guided session that fosters emotional release and deep connection.

-Healing Waters Ceremony: Reconnect with the purifying & life-giving essence of water. This ceremony uses water as a medium for cleansing and rejuvenation.

-New/Full Moon Ceremony: Harness the powerful energies of the lunar cycle. These ceremonies focus on setting intentions, releasing what no longer serves you, & inviting new beginnings.

-Releasing Fire Ceremony: Let go of the past & ignite new passions with our fire ceremony, which uses the transformative power of fire to release negativity and invite renewal.

-Sound Healing Ceremony: Immerse yourself in the soothing & harmonizing vibrations of sound. This ceremony uses instruments like singing bowls and bongos to facilitate deep relaxation and healing.

I am dedicated to creating sacred spaces that foster healing and transformation. Each ceremony is tailored to meet your unique needs and intentions, ensuring a deeply personal and meaningful experience.

Connect with me to begin your journey towards balance and harmony through our sacred ceremonies. Email me at

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