abundance spell ft grains...

✨a simple abundance jar spell featuring grains perfect for today’s lions gate portal energy (anytime really)🦁

grains are typically associated with the earth element + symbolize abundance, fertility, fruitfulness, + rebirth. a variety of grains are displayed, worn, or consumed to attune with their energies🌾

burn incense to cleanse your jar/space + clear your mind. write your wish/intention on a bay leaf + place inside the jar🔥

use what you have available to you! I used millet, oats, rice, + wheat along with lavender, cinnamon, garden sage, + tulsi for an abundance of strong prosperous, peaceful, purifying, + protective energy🌿

you can layer the grains or mix together + pour, I love the mixture so they all work together🗝

*optional: to add a stone - such as peridot, sardonyx, amber, citrine, moss agate, obsidian, or rutilated quartz to further your intentions💎

state your intentions as you drip white, green, gold, or brown candle wax to seal your desires🕯

powerful + simple magick that we all can take part in using items that are easily accessible to you vs exotic, expensive supplies..so much love to those who love it as much as i do💚

if you craft one, tag me in your photo! I love to see what your magick looks like🤩

you can snag this Abundance Jar + your bag of Abundance Fixed Rice in my online #botanica at feyherba.com along with other goodies to grace your sacred space🕊

all my love + a wish for you to stay ever so magickal✨

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