abundance spell ft pineapple...

✨happy Sunday, sweet souls🌞

here’s a quick + yummy #abundancerecipe that you can make anytime - especially powerful for today’s leo new moon + lions gate portal! featuring pineapple + spices to invoke a plethora of prosperity, healing, + protective energy🦁 (remember from the summer solstice?)

pineapples are associated with the sun, drawing luck + money to one who wears or consumes the fruit. they’re also excellent for healing sore throats, containing anti-inflammatory enzymes (aiding in balancing throat chakra + solar plexus)🍍

simply cut a pineapple (you can make into a bowl to use later) + chop up the fruit. imagine as you cut + slice, you’re cutting away any limiting beliefs on money. these cuts symbolize how you are removing the negative thoughts from your mind🔪

sprinkle a bit of nutmeg for luck + attracting money.
sprinkle a bit of ginger for success + raised power.
sprinkle a bit of cinnamon for raising vibrations, healing, + protect spirit.

stir together clockwise to attract abundance, counterclockwise to remove bs.
you can add to a fruit salad. blend into a smoothie. make a fresh sangria or juice blend. I saved some for another recipe🧉

be conscious of your thoughts + actions. be intentional - the premise behind it all. if you’re cognizant of what you’re using + consuming, empower it to work in your favor all the more⚡️

we know this fruit + spices bring forth plentiful prosperous energy - so as you cut, mix, + eat, state your intentions:

“may this powerful food/brew be blessed, so to bring me all the best. I charge this fruit blend with my will, it’s magickal purpose to fulfill. I welcome an abundance of positivity into my space, I accept it with thanks + grace.”💰

more fun coming later today! pop into my shoppe at feyherba.com + use the code LEO to be gifted 10% off👑

all my love + a wish for you to stay ever so magickal✨

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