aquarius full moon attune tips

happy thursday, sweet souls🌝

sending an abundance of healing, loving, protective, + purifying energy to those who are open to receiving💞

here are a few tips to attune with the aquarius full moon:

ground yourself by walking barefoot or amongst the trees. do you listen to your inner voice? don’t doubt yourself. it’s time to emerge and enter into the next phase of your life / level of maturity. be patient with yourselves and others, remain flexible throughout your evolution🌀

it’s officially time to cut the ties you’ve been meaning to cut, but have procrastinating on doing. not meaning to make rash decisions, but rather finally resolve the issues you’ve been putting to the side - step up now to protect your energy in the future🧿

unexpected change or restrictions may pop up, but don’t allow your lack of patience or anxiety to throw you for a loop. take a breath & ground yourself. even though you may feel unprepared, you GOT this. adjust your thinking about yourself, others, & your community. let that sudden flash of awareness continue to stimulate you and ultimately follow your heart’s desire🦚

light turquoise, sky blue, yellow, silver, or white candles. burn or diffuse frankincense, myrhh, lemongrass, mint, or rosemary.

fill your space with fresh flora like white or blue flowers, iris, dandelions, orchids, sunflowers, passionflower, violets, or snake plants🌻

meditate with moonstone, amethyst, angelite, blue celestite, boji stone, fluorite, chrysocolla, or labradorite.

sip on fresh fruit juices or elder, chamomile, butterfly pea, skullcap, + valerian teas. snack on walnuts, chilies, peppers, spinach, kale, or citrus🌶

enjoy this lovely energy!


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