aquarius full moon ritual & meditation thoughts

here’s a quick + easy spell you can use for the Aquarius #fullmoon (or anytime really) to stimulate awareness and invoke protection🔥

anoint your candles, stones, tools, & self with intention oil. light turquoise, sky blue, silver, or white candles. burn or diffuse frankincense, myrhh, lemongrass, sage, lavender, or mint🌿

combining the fiery, heart centered energy of leo with the airy, visionary energy of aquarius.
state: “as smoke to freedom flies, let it open up my eyes. protect me as we go within, till the journey comes to end🧿”

watch the candle flame and smoke - whatever you feel called to. allow your mind to wander and transcend realms. allow yourself to connect. examine your roots🌲

pay attention to your dreams and those moments you’re not truly paying attention - creative inspiration flows from the stillness. write down a list of intentions for the next 2 months🕊

let’s continue our evolution, bring the best of your past into the future - at the same time, releasing what no longer serves you to make room for the new blessings🌟




questions to meditate on🦋

do you feel grounded in your power daily? what can you do for yourself to remain centered?

do you fear that emotional involvement will limit your freedom? why is it difficult for you to be truly vulnerable?

do you feel like you’re an original? make a list of the unique traits you love about yourself. continue to devote yourself to self expression.

are you happy with the community around you? seek out new friends if your current environment remains stagnant.


happy searching🧠

all my love + a wish for you to stay ever so magickal✨

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