Authentic Action

✨happy moon day, sweet souls 🌙
Sending an abundance of cleansing, healing, loving, + protective blessings to those who are open to receiving💞

If you’re feeling restricted or stuck - its normal to feel this way and it’s okay to acknowledge these feelings rather than push them away. Ask yourself why you are so upset by the lack of motion (is it because you were making progress or just because someone told you no) and what you can do in the meantime to keep going🌀

Ask yourself - is this an expression of your authentic self or your ego? Make that space for you to live more freely, naturally you. Speak your truth daily and express your needs and desires without fear of reprisal🗣

All of these major planets in retrograde are urging you to sit and reflect. Introspection is important because it allows you to see and feel where you have made progress with certain situations, and what issues still impact you. A couple questions to think about:
Who are you? What do you want out of life?
How do you want to be seen vs how are you seen by those around you?
Are you resisting change because of fear or are you welcoming of a new normal?
Do you go with the flow or try to control every situation?
Are you ready to let go to feel a new sense of freedom? Or does that free fall frighten you?
You are divinely guided + protected🕊

Remember that your body has multiple systems that function together to keep you healthy as a whole - when you’re mentally drained or emotionally taxed, your physical health can suffer as well. Find ways to center yourself and bring it all back into balance. Give yourself time to relax and revive your spirit. Your habits provide the building blocks to your life, so make sure you’re working for yourself rather than against yourself🦾

The New Moon at the end of this week always brings time for new intentions, but also may bring feelings of confusion and misinformation - double check your emails before you send, be sure you have al, the details, and communicate as clearly as possible - it’s not the time for games. It IS the time for patience and hard work, slowly rebuilding your foundations on stronger support systems. Perseverance is key🗝
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