Beautiful Moon Day

✨happy Tuesday, sweet souls💫

I am high on life today! Feeling so blessed + grateful for all that I haveđź’ž

This morning after I cleansed our home, I cut my hair, offered it to the birds, and then took a salt bath. I rinsed my hair + anointed it with my NEW oil that I’ve been brewing for this Super Moon🌸

Due to a shortage of my 2oz clear bottles, this oil will be available as a rollerball - a limited batch of potent #fullmoon magick🌝

Find the balance between taking care of yourself and servicing others. Make your new normal speaking + living your truth. Your energy may feel chaotic because you’re not servicing yourself in the correct areas. Step away from your comfort zone and live a little! There’s more to life than the rat race and this time right now is illuminating that🕯

Practice non-attachment. Don’t lose your link to your spirituality by being too much into materialistic and physical objects. Choose to be who you truly want to be rather than a shadow of your current reality. If you’re feeling a fresh wave of spirituality, sexuality, and power - claim that energy and welcome it! And whatever you do, don’t give up..this madness right now is giving you the fuel you need for your transformation🦋

Give your inner child a hug and promise to always honor, love, + protect yourself. You are exactly where you need to be right now. You are divinely guided and protected. You are powerful. You are lovedđź’–

I hope everyone has an extremely magickal day. Be about what you talk about. Let this time serve you to ascend to the level you’re trying to get to, while doing the work needed to get you there. I love youse✨

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