Cap New Moon Energy

happy tuesday, sweet souls

today + tomorrow’s new moon in capricorn simply reminds us that it takes plenty of time + perseverance to grow. dream wild + apply practical pressure. 

i wrote up a quick new moon meditation that you can elaborate or keep as simple as you’d like in my blog at

during a dark moon, it’s easy to get discouraged by what we don’t have..instead focus on what you do have. be honest with yourself - about everything. it’s up to you to change where you’re at, you don’t necessarily need the entire master plan, but the basic blueprint.

capricorn energy reminds us to check our stability + security. take a close look at how your finances affect your life. make a list of your talents + what you may not be happy with as far as your money. be realistic about what you can afford to lose temporarily to save money in the long run - you may end up realizing you can do much more with less. 

the most important thing to remember is to invest in yourself. put forth the time + energy to expand your knowledge, commit to your growth. reflect upon your past to learn from any mistakes, not to punish yourself. work hards towards your ambitions - AIM HIGH! find + maintain your balance, develop your pattern your growth, + strengthen your structure. 

pay extra attention to your skin, treat yourself with a clay mask or facial steam to cleanse deep cleanse your pores. pamper your knees, joints, + bones. spinach, beets, parsnips, mushrooms, + thyme are excellent to add into meals. nourish your body with extra calcium.

all my love + a wish for you to stay ever so magickal

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