Chakra Balancing + Thieves Oil

✨happy Tuesday, sweet souls🎃

be kind to others + yourself, trust your intuition when it comes to the people in your life - if they do not wish you well, let them go with peace👻

if you’re feeling an extra burst of energy, use it to accomplish tasks, go for a run, clean your space, do what you can to let it out vs letting that energy become aggressive🦂

allow the energy to flow freely through your spiritual centers with aid of my chakra balancing mist🧚🏽‍♀️

purify your space of bad juju + germs with my take on #thievesoil in my herbal cleanse mist👁

overall, remember that you control your energy - how you choose to respond + act in accordance to your situations. give yourself props for the growth you’ve gone through + be honest when identifying areas that can use a lil extra love🧡

all my love + a wish for you to stay ever so magickal✨

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