Earth Day Love!

✨when you take the time to stop + listen for nature’s heartbeat, you'll find that you sense things differently afterwards💚

some activities i enjoy for earth day + every day🌎

walking the beach + collecting shells🐚

touching + sitting with the trees🌲

planting food, herbs + flowers💐

collecting twigs, stones, seeds, flowers, + leaves🌻

crafting simple herb + stick besoms🌿

herb + stone mandala art🌀

herbal sun tea (sun potions)🧉

infusing herbs in ice + butter / oils🧊

additional fun activities for kids + all to enjoy: stick fairies, rock piles, mud pies, flower/plant scavenger hunt, painting with plants, rock sundial, nature wands, feeder pinecones, bird baths, eggshell seed starters, leaf imprint art, leaf/flower garland, cardboard + botanical sun catcher, painted rocks, + more🎨

what are some of your favorite earthy activities? please share below if you’d like📝

all my love + a wish for you to stay ever so magickal✨

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