Fey Herba's Sacred Space

Fey Herba's Sacred Space

Welcome to Fey’s Sacred Space! 

Thank you all for coming along with me on this journey and making it to my own site🥰!

This blog area will be dedicated to descriptions on my product collections, different healing & cleanse methods, the herbs I’m working with, healing crystal info, intuitive messages, how-to’s, and more📝

Stay tuned for way more coming very soon! 

With much love always,

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Hi Beautiful Queen :-)

I’m grateful to have come across your shop on Etsy..
your products are Amazing and never disappoints..
wether your on Etsy or have your own site,
I’m happy I can still connect with you..

much love and blessings :-)

Marilen Rojas-Elder

Hi Christina,
Your creations and artistic abilities are beyond words. Every product I have purchased from you (I have many!) has beautiful energy, and also delivers on its intention! I recommend your shoppe to everyone. Thank you for using your magical hands to craft for us!

Stacey J. Rowe

Love your products, so happy you have your own site !

Melissa Fulco

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