Full Moon in Leo Energy

✨leo vibes have you wanting the best of everything - so treat yourself to foods, activities, people, + practices that nourish your body + uplift your spirit. open your heart + speak your truth👑

its a time of glamour, be a little self indulgent in how you treat yourself as far as pampering. have a true love fest with yourself or partner - candles, roses, incense, baths, oil massage - the works🌹

while everyone attributes Leo to being the center of attention - the energy is flowing right now that makes you want to express your affection + show off the special people in your life. take a minute to show or tell them how much you appreciate them💞

this strong + warm energy amplifies our personalities..beware of going overboard. don’t let petty insecurities get the best of you + don’t sink to someone else’s level. everyone can hear you roar, but not everyone needs to feel your bite🦁

avoid activities + people who make you feel bad or annoy you, don’t take things too personally, + watch your patience when it comes to practical aspects of life. cut cords with the energy that drains you + those who envy you🧿

connect + explore shared interests with your loved ones; reach out or form a community that aligns with your intentions. make time for play🧚🏽‍♀️

refresh the energy in your space by treating yourself to bright, showy flowers - sunflowers or yellow daisies/roses. to vibe with Aquarius energy add in pops of blue or violet like lavender or larkspur🌻

smoke cleanse or diffuse honeysuckle, rosemary, cinnamon, frankincense, or sandalwood. water your plants liberally + hydrate yourself with yummy fruit water💐

snack on oranges, bananas, sunflower seeds, raspberries. sip on calendula + chamomile tea. make a lunar spread with foods like white cheeses, green grapes, melons, + moon cookies🍊

take advantage of the fun energy that is flowing, let your imagination run wild + get the outline or guides down for the vision that you have in your head. avoid turning on screens, tune into yourself. its time to play to win + aim high. make notes of your creative ideas + invest in yourself moving forward🔥

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