Full Moon Message

✨full moon message from the archer🏹

Accept + respect all life in its many forms. Just as you desire, give others the freedom to be themselves without fear of reprisal. Soften sharp judgments that keep you separate from your environment🕊 .

Keys: Action. Understanding. Patience. Harmony🗝 .

Be kind to your loved ones, no matter how frustrated and upset you may feel, try your best not to take it out on those closest to you. All types of relationships are being strained and tested right now..ultimately you will have to trust your intuition as to how you should proceed. Once that door opens, pass through it. The future doesn’t match any of our illusions - except for something different☮️ .
Pay attention, stay aware, protect your energy. Be a champion for justice and remove yourself from your ego. You can’t control all outcomes, but you can damn well control how you pursue what you want for your life🧿

Sending an abundance of healing, loving, + protective energy to those who are open to receiving. Stay safe + stay magickal✨

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