Gemini Full Moon

The upcoming week has a lot of energy flowing about with the Full Moon tomorrowđź’Ś

Gemini Full Moon brings up issues relating your ego, the persona you show the world, + your identity. Don’t overthink + overanalyze everything! Now is the time for huge spiritual transformations - getting out of your head + into your body - healing on all levels. What past version of yourself are you stuck in? What can you do to fully embrace your transformation?

It’s the last full moon before the winter solstice..calling for preparation. Stock up on essentials, extra treats, + activities to keep you happy and healthy for the duration. Prepare your home + yourself for the winter ahead by giving thanks for all that you have accumulated this year + eliminating what is no longer needed. Feel free to mourn losses as needed, but remember that all new beginnings come with other’s endings. 

There’s an internal imbalance of how you love + treat yourself - the battle of love vs emotions. Don’t let the concept of love trump your emotions. Don’t force yourself in a situation just because it “should be” a certain way for the sake of love. Honor your own emotions + intuition when it comes to how you love and respect yourself. 
Address + heal mother-based wounds to restore your balance. By releasing your mother issues, you allow yourself to accept joy + blessings into your life without guilt. Invite new love, opportunities, blessings, abundance, + healing into your life. 

The main lesson from this year (and this moon) has been to be more flexible + adaptable to unexpected change...don’t allow your insecurities to speak for you + keep you stuck. Use your intuition to help navigate from where you’re currently at to where you want to be in the future. 
Resist + risk the chance of blocking your own blessings. There’s no going back to what it was, only to what is being built now..

Change + uncertainty with love and finances. Be honest + open about your needs and desires to avoid any invasive entanglements with others. 
Remember that the differences between partners aid in keeping the channel open to learn more about each other - explore each other’s differences rather than be annoyed by them (and if you’ve been feeling a certain way for a certain time..this may be the breaking point, and that’s okay too). 
Watch your betting + save as much as you can. 

Those who are faking their intentions will be exposed - don’t worry about that negative person, they will be their own simple as that. 
Be aware of who + what types of people you have around you; it’s okay to feel hurt or betrayed by what you learn, but don’t allow it to bog you down. Release the toxicity + allow yourself to be brought to the surface. 

If you’re feeling pent-up energy + the need to accomplish something, pick a simple craft or task for you to focus on. 
Anything too complicated may add to your anxiety or easy task gives you the sense of satisfaction you’re needing without expending too much energy. 
Get outside + ground yourself by planting your feet in the earth, go for a hike, bike ride - anything outdoors will help to center your self + calm your roaming spirit. 

What karmic (im)balances you’re experiencing now will play out until the next solar eclipse (December 14), so ride it out, + do the work needed to get you to where you want to be...

Have a blessed day + beautiful week ahead, my dear ones!

All my love + a wish for you to stay ever so magickal, 
Christina - Fey Herba
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