Go With It + Heal

Go With It + Heal

✨ I feel like a lot of people are really going through it lately (thank you mercury retrograde, please take a bow). Gratitude is the key to balance. Be thankful for what you DO have, instead of worrying about what you don’t. Just don’t start. Remember to flow with the tide, instead of swimming against it🧜🏽‍♀️ .


A lot of upheavals lately - relationships of all types are being tested. Try and go within to understand the lesson that needs to be learned. Can you accept that you did the best you could given your situation? A lot of past issues may be resurfacing - pay attention to when they do and WHY you feel the way you do when it happens. Listen to your spirit. Avoid the urge to defend or rationalize - you can’t expect to find healing by digging your head in the sand🦀


Remember that you cannot change your past - you can only observe and accept it. Reframe the past the way it’s stored in your mind, let go of the narrative you’ve written that holds you back, or holds you victim to whatever you can’t seem to conquer. Try and gain the compassion for the past and present experiences of others, as well as yourself. You CAN change your present and positively affect your future. Sometimes that hardest choice is the best option for you in the long run - let go of your ego (your fear) and keep swimming your route🐠


Sometimes the universe will send what seems like a tsunami into your life, because you ignored the small waves. Through the destruction, after it washed away what wasn’t needed - comes the calm afterwards that shines light on what is left, and what needs to be repaired🌊


Enjoy the beauty of each day, enjoy the fact you’re alive and can make a choice at any moment. Sit with yourself, listen to your spirit - make the changes needed to heal so that emotional wounds no longer have the power to guide your behavior and continuously direct your life. Acknowledge the need for healing and commit to your journey, open the door for all the love. Keep your head above water and an eye out for sharks🦈


With so much love always, 



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