Gris Gris Charms

✨sending love + blessings to all who are open to receiving them💞

Just sitting by my ficus tree by the lake, absorbing the sun’s warmth, feeling the gentle breeze dance and make the leaves whisper 🍃 
Sipping on hibiscus + cranberry juice, laid back🌸

Finding the balance in all of this is key🗝

Crafting a huge batch of powerful magick to make little gris gris talismans - also known as mojo bags, charm sachets - there are different names for them and I invite you to use whichever term is right for you. My Abuelita use to make us little red ones with crushed garlic + salt and my dad would keep his in his truck🧄

These lovelies are packed with an abundance of protective, healing, loving, + cleansing vibes with rose, hyssop, pink salt, frankincense, yarrow, mugwart, passionflower, + more charged with #healing crystals 🥀 they’re to be kept as close to you as possible, especially during spiritual work✨

I’ll be holding a special update on Wednesday with some new goodies, in honor of the upcoming Super Moon 🌝 be sure to subscribe with your email to receive special notifications + discounts! Have a beautiful day filled with love, for yourself and for others💞

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