Grounding Meditation

A simple Grounding Meditation:

•Breathe deep and imagine roots flowing from your body and feet into the earth - breaking past the soil and rock down to its core.

•Imagine deep red energy flowing from your pelvis, your body - revitalizing you - through these roots, down into earth + being drawn into the core. Sit as long as you’d like in this bright swirling crimson energy.

•Let all of your doubts, worries, and issues be taken away into the ground. Sit and breathe as you release. Breathe through any resistance.

•Feel the sense of warmth, connection, + belonging knowing that you are a part of this planet. Feel the strong roots in the body of living earth where you belong.

•Draw golden energy from the earth, through your roots, your feet, legs, thighs, to your root. See the gold light mingle with crimson as the healing earth energy mixes with your own.

•Gather your energy and with a breath, move it up through your body, healing as it rises, expelling tension, + flowing out the top of your crown.

•When finished, imagine the roots severing from your body and shrinking into the earth. Allow the crimson light to return to your body as you return to your senses.

•Drink plenty of water, take a cleansing bath, + get rest as much as possible. Sleep with smoky quartz.

All my love, 

Christina - FeyHerba

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