Happy 444 Portal

✨happy Saturday, sweet souls🪐

I’ve been thriving in this amazing energy all day - open portals, meditation, manifestation, + organization have been flowing through me. I completely cleaned my workspace (with help from my baby love) and I feel completely rejuvenated💫

I’ve been catching up with a lot of my loved ones, and it seems that a lot of us are seeking protection, centering, and change - but also still holding past fears. 
Our personal experiences shape and transform us into the person we are today. So what does the person you are today say about you and what you’ve gone through? Are you proud of who you are today? Proud of the choices that you made and what you’ve gone through to get to this point. Don’t let your experiences be your defining markers, rather let someone see the whole you as you are, instead of just one issue or incident💥

How do you stay flowing while rooted? You stay rooted by being grounded and having your self centered, remembering who you are, where you came from, and what you are worthy of. Flowing means that you remain adaptable to any situation that might arise, and open to change and a flexible mindset or lifestyle. Meaning that you are not steadfast and rigid on all tenants of your life💦

I’ve been told a lot of things throughout my life, you’re not, you can’t, you shouldn’t… At this point in my life I’m here to say I am, I will, and I do. I think everybody reaches a point in their life where they stop caring about what others think and start living for themselves, I only wish that we find it sooner for ourselves rather than later🌻

Let this time be your turning point. Stay magickal as always✨

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