Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, sweet souls🌟

May you have a year filled with clear vision and the confidence to chase your dreams - may your manifestations become reality. Whether you soar alone or as part of a unit (or both), fly as high as you can. 2019 was for realizations, 2020 is about actualization - no more excuses, plan and execute🕊 .

The last part of 2019 was filled with craziness and multiple sicknesses for me, my lesson being to slow down and take better care of my health. I’m still coming back to life - in the meantime I’ve been working on new projects. Fey Herba will be undergoing additional maintenance in order to bring you more content and to make my heart happy🦩 .

2020 is the year for me, the year for you. Do yourself a favor and make the changes you need in order to find your happiness. Don’t compare yourselves to others, your progress is your own. Don’t let your motivation be deterred because you’re seeing someone else doing something that’s not even a part of your plan - or if it is, don’t despair because you’re on your OWN timeline, not someone else’s. Blooming when you choose will be your finest proof🦚 .

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