Happy Sunday

✨happy Sunday, sweet souls🌞

I had someone express to me recently that they felt stuck, trying to move forward and grow, but yet they feel stagnant and held back regardless of the moves they make.. At times, we all feel this way and it’s important to remember that you’re still working towards your healing goals no matter how stuck you feel👣

A lot of us have been instilled with spiritual/religious values since childhood and allow our faith to guide us. And a decent amount of us come upon our spiritual path or awakening as part of life’s process - a trigger that opens our minds and aids us in the realization of our purpose🗝

We all follow our own paths based on one or more awakening events that occur, so powerful that they impact our lives forever. It may be a recurring dream, the synchronicities you see, birth, death, or that a-ha moment that brings awareness. Once triggered, you’ll see everything from a new perspective and feel as though there’s no way of returning back to your old mindset. You’re not crazy, you’re waking up. You’re realizing the power that is within you and always has been. It’s almost as though you mentally find an old box that you open up and get flooded with memories 💌

Remember who you are, why you are here, and where you are going✨

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